Year Person
1962-1963 L. E. Carpenter, Sr.
1963-1964 L. E. Carpenter, Sr.
1964-1965 L. E. Carpenter, Sr.
1965-1966 W. J. Doneson
1966-1967 J. W. Campbell
1967-1968 W. J. Doneson
1968-1969 Jesse Rowe
1969-1970 L. E. Carpenter, Sr.
1970-1971 W. J. Doneson
1971-1972 K. E. Ferguson
1972-1973 K. E. Ferguson
1973-1974 W. L. Truman
1974-1975 W. H. Savage, Jr.
1975-1976 W. H. Savage, Jr.
1976-1977 K. E. Ferguson
1976-1977 W. H. Savage, Jr.
1977-1978 W. H. Savage, Jr.
1978-1979 G. E. Swanson
1979-1980 D. R. Oden
1980-1981 W. H. Savage, Jr.
1981-1982 Ram Rosso
1982-1983 W. H. Savage, Jr.
1983-1984 K. E. Ferguson
1984-1985 D. R. Oden
1985-1986 D. R. Oden
1986-1987 D. R. Oden
1987-1988 W. H. Savage, III
1988-1989 D. R. Oden
1989-1990 D. R. Oden
1990-1991 W. H. Savage, III
1991-1992 Jesse Rowe
1991-1992 W. H. Savage
1992-1993 Jesse Rowe
1993-1994 Mark Blanks
1994-1995 W. E. Blanks
1995-1996 W. H. Savage, Jr.
1996-1997 D. R. Oden
1997-1998 W. H. Savage, Jr.
1998-1999 W. H. Savage, Jr.
1999-2000 D. R. Oden
2000-2001 Mark Carr
2001-2002 Benny Lacks
2002-2003 Jesse Rowe
2003-2004 W. E. Blanks
2004-2005 Donnie Oden
2005-2006 Jesse Rowe
2006-2007 Donnie Oden
2007-2008 W. H. Savage, III
2008-2009 Bill Savage, Jr.
2009-2010 Jesse Rowe
2010-2011 B. Springer
2011-2012 Greg Morris, Sr.
2012-2013 Jesse Rowe

This award is for club members only, who must kill a male deer during an organized club hunt. The member who accumulates the most points shall be awarded this trophy. The points shall consist of:

Organized scheduled club hunts on Saturdays only
1 point each Saturday hunted
Organized club work parties (max 4 points)
1 point each work party attended
Club meetings, regular or special called
1 point each meeting attended
Antler points of deer killed and checked
1 point each antler point
Pappy Yates Award





















































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